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The Argus Project is a non-profit making trust dedicated to providing environmental data that is automatically archived daily from a UK-wide network of Argus monitoring stations owned by local authorities, universities, environmental groups and individuals. Each station records gamma background radiation levels at a high resolution and some stations also provide meteorological data.

The project was established by a group of friends and concerned people from the North East of England who came together in the days and weeks which followed the Chernobyl disaster to pool their resources and act on their concern for the way information was so seriously lacking. The aim of the group thus became the provision of up-to-date, accurate and open information on background radiation in the environment and other environmental parameters.

As well as providing data directly to local station owners, the Argus stations also publish data on the world wide web which is available at where gamma radiation and weather data graphs from Argus stations across the country may be viewed.

Please do send us an email for further information about the project.

The Argus 2000 & 3000 Environmental Monitoring Hardware

The Argus Project in collaboration with Chromaudio Ltd. have been involved in the development, construction and operation of environmental monitoring systems for over sixteen years. We have recently developed a high precision gamma monitoring system which is now available. Currently 23 systems are either up and running or being commissioned. Purchasers include many local authorities across The UK.

As well as the gamma only system we can provide multi-channel systems which monitor both gamma radiation levels and weather, ie. rainfall, pressure, wind speed and wind direction, a wide range of other environmental parameters are available.

Main Features

  • Based on web technology. The Argus system benefits from using the latest robust connectivity of the Internet .
  • Direct access to up-to-the minute readings. Your desktop PC, with modem, can connect directly to your station to collect the latest data readings and manage your station's configuration.
  • View data graphs using the world wide web. Stations automatically send data to the world wide web accessible at the Argus web site, from anywhere at anytime allowing you to compare local conditions to the national picture.
  • Receive both email and text message alerts. Stations automatically send emails or text messages to specified email boxes and mobile phones when user defined conditions are reached (e.g. high gamma levels; low temperatures, etc).
  • Low cost. Complete Argus systems start from 1,950. High quality precision components and modern design ensures durability and enables rapid and effective remote support and upgrades.
Further details please email or call the project coordinator: Graham Denman, on +44-1434-600-225 for the latest information.

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Last update 4th December 2002