The Argus Project Trust


Extract from the Argus Trust,  founded in 1989:

2   (a)   OBJECTS

The purposes of the Trust are:

  1. To collect data about the environment locally, nationally and internationally
  2. To store the collected data as an archive
  3. To make the archived data and the methodology of collection available to all
  4. To promote the dissemination of archived data
  5. To promote the development of data collection and storage systems
  6. Not to undertake any license or agreement that restricts or compromises the purpose of the Trust
2   (b)   PROVIDED THAT the trust shall restrict its activities to matters mentioned in the paragraph (a) above and shall not support any point of view, argument or campaign by reference to the data it has collected or stored or by interpretation or presentation thereof, but shall use its best endevours to collect and make available data in its uninterpreted form, but nothing in this paragraph shall be taken to mean that others who have access to the data may not support such points of view or arguments or campaignings.